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Thermal mass is in the floor

Posted in housing by ruthslavid on November 29, 2009

Where do you put thermal mass in housing? The solutions that work in offices, such as exposed ceiling slabs, are too costly for houses, where frequently upper floors will be timber.

At Upton Site C, near Northampton, HTA Architects put the thermal mass in the floor of the double-height spaces. This is where the winter solar radiation would fall, and they laid stone tiles on top of concrete.

 There is an irony that this is usually a Mediterranean approach for summer cooling rather than winter heating, and one does wonder whether residents will be tempted to put down rugs to make it ‘cosier’.

But apparently the houses are sold with an info pack saying that it is vital not to cover up the floors – and the inclusion of underfloor heating may help.

Anyway, it’s a great looking scheme.

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  1. Scottsbluff Website Design said, on January 3, 2011 at 2:24 am

    I like the way you write, few parts I had to read twice 😀 but still good stuff.

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