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Marketing does not have to be face to face – freelance post 7

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthslavid on January 6, 2013

If you are making widgets and your aim is to sell them, it is probably easy to track the effects of your marketing directly, especially if you can discover the route by which each customer came to you.
But as a freelance journalist, it is much harder. And like most journalists, I have had no training in marketing and certainly don’t employ a professional to help me. So this is just my trial and error approach. I would say:
Market yourself in every way that does not require an unfeasible amount of effort or money.
So make sure you have some decent-ish business cards. Put yourself on all the social media sites that you can – at least on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Be active-ish on them. List yourself on free journalist directories. Cross-promote – so these blog posts will automatically go up on Twitter.
As a journalist, your main aim is for people to know you are there. If you are freelance you no longer have the prestige (or otherwise) of a big organisation behind you. Try to find ways to market yourself that you will enjoy, as you will do better at them. Again, if you are a miserable misanthrope who hates both face to face meetings and social media I don’t know what to suggest apart from getting another career.
One advantage that makes marketing easier if you are freelance is that:
You are the brand
Nobody knows better than you what you are selling, because you are selling yourself.


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