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Technology is the enemy – freelance post 8

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthslavid on January 8, 2013

Almost everything I have written so far has been very positive about freelancing, and has looked at the advantages. But it would be idiotic to say that there are no downsides and I think one of them is to do with technology.
People in jobs in large organisations commonly curse the IT department for their slowness, obtuseness and pettifogging rules. But freelance for a while and you realise how lovely it would be to have an IT department to cuss.
You are your own IT department and a more incompetent and bad tempered one it would be hard to meet.
There are people who find computers fascinating, and then there are the rest of us, who just want to use them to get the job done. If you are in the second category you will, like me, not be delighted when your computer runs slow and then dies, when your internet service provider loses the ability to send email for several days, when your print drivers de-install themselves or when your phone will no longer send email.
You just have to accept that you will curse, you will weep – and somehow or other, you still will deliver your work on time.


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