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Discovering diaporamas

Posted in books, Extreme Architecture by ruthslavid on February 21, 2010

Diaporamas was a new word for me, but French journalist Guillaume Roche puts together these really cool combinations of words and images, which seem a great way to use the properties of the internet. His latest one draws on my book Extreme Architecture, or ‘Architecture Hors Limites’ as it is called in French.

The Delta Shelter in Washington State is one of the eight projects shown.

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Wood works

Posted in books, wood by ruthslavid on February 19, 2010

Piers Sweetingham of Carpenter Oak & Woodland sent me some marvellous drawings, showing repair techniques to timber, which will be enormously useful for the book I am writing on timber in existing buildings for TRADA.

Here’s an example of the work that they do.

Brainy stuff

Posted in books by ruthslavid on February 17, 2010

I am intrigued to see that there is a new book published on architecture and the brain published by Wiley.

This sounds like one for me, since both are subjects that fascinate me. The problem is that, while brain scientists writing for their public like to show how clever they are by writing really simply, architects in the world of theory like to show how clever they are by writing impenetrably.

I’ve tried the ‘look inside’ facility on Amazon, and I’m not sure – the use of the word ‘germane’ on the first page is not encouraging. Anyway, it costs £70, more than I have ever spent on a book, so that may make up my mind for me.

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