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Getting a handle on bones

Posted in ironmongery by ruthslavid on November 17, 2010

Just stumbled on these great handles, designed by Studio Toogood with Ize.

They’re called ‘Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones’. I wonder why?

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Door despair

Posted in design for disability, education, ironmongery by ruthslavid on May 24, 2010

There is a great article by Mary Beard, the world’s wittiest classics don, on the Times website (worth looking at before they lock it all down) about the doors on her new faculty building¬†and the fact that, in attempting to cope with disabled access, they actually become impossible for anybody to use.

She is evidently not an expert in health and safety or building legislation, but that is the point. Unintelligent application of rules will lead to mad solutions like this. Made worse in this case by the fact that the department tried to deal with the need for manifestation by using an appropriate quote – only to find that the Greek lettering had been mis-spelt. Too clever by half?

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