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Cool LED lamp

Posted in lighting by ruthslavid on December 2, 2011

At the new SCIN gallery last night, designer Jake Dyson talked about his CSYS lamp, a beautifully designed LED desk lamp with lots of technical innovation.
Dyson was particularly concerned about cooling the LED in the lamp to achieve maximum life, and went for the heat pipe technology used to rapidly cool electronic components. His heat pipe is then contained in the arm of the lamp, and he calculates that, with 12 hours’ usage daily, the LED should last for 37 years. The mechanism is beautiful – the arm not only slides forward and back, but also up and down.
The SCIN gallery is a wonder too. Not just a great library of materials in the basement, but all sorts of great makers exhibiting, from established companies such as Burlington Slate to a new company importing wall tiles made from coconut shell waste. These are surprisingly lovely to look at and, with multiple indentations, should have interesting acoustic properties.

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