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Ralph Erskine hit me

Posted in housing by ruthslavid on June 21, 2010
Ralph Erskine

Ralph Erskine - a bruiser?

I was talking to Ben Derbyshire of HTA about materials for house design, and he reckons brick will disappear pretty quickly. It won’t be used on new construction, and existing brick buildings will be ‘wrapped in overcoats of insulation and rendeer.’ The reason? Derbyshire said ‘You can’t build a zero-carbon house using brick.’ Then he thought for a minute, and added ‘Mind you Ralph Erskine hit me when I said that.’  Luckily, by the time the two were working together, on the Millennium Village at Greenwich, the hero of the Byker wall was past his first youth, so Derbyshire emerged unscathed. Erskine had the look of a man who could have packed a mean punch when he was younger.