Ruth Slavid talks architecture

Unusual beacon in education

Posted in education by ruthslavid on July 9, 2010

Amidst all the gloom about education, it was encouraging to go yesterday to the opening of a small building, The Courtyard, at Langford Primary School in Hammersmith.

Designed by Surface to Air, it is a centre for excluded children, adapting and extending an existing nursery building. Light is plentiful, there is a private courtyard, and spaces included a circular, carpeted ‘pod’ for cooling down.

Decima Francis, of The From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation opened the school, and both she and the head teacher emphasised the importance of good design for children and the fact that, like adults, they benefit from being in well-designed spaces.

Doubtless digs like that at Michael Gove and his blunt axe are happening around the country. It will be interesting to see if a more slimline and effective approach to schools provision can rise from the wreckage of BSF – but I’m not holding my breath.