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Happy fliers

Posted in airport, retrofit by ruthslavid on June 14, 2011

Does flying always have to be a nightmare? Apparently not. The refurbishment of Terminal Two at San Francisco airport by Gensler as a domestic terminal, is unlike any I have ever encountered.
Soft colours and music in security? Check. Gourmet food influenced by the slow food movement? Check. so much art it is designated as an art gallery? Yup. A nice cafe where you can wait for arriving friends? Yes. Drinking fountains where you can refill your water bottle after going through security? Oh, yes. And all this in an existing building, with low headroom and a need for earthquake proofing. Flying may never be green, but refurbing an airport in this way is at least a start. And by upping its game, San Francisco also becomes more competitive. You can read more about it here.

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Style over substance?

Posted in housing, wood by ruthslavid on October 26, 2010

A gorgeous looking stair in this house by Paul Cha architect, but it does raise a couple of questions.

Are they more flexible in the US than the UK about regulations? Would I dare go up it after a few drinks? Cha says he takes a Zen approach to his architecture, but not sure how Zen I would feel after a tumble down this.

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Discovering diaporamas

Posted in books, Extreme Architecture by ruthslavid on February 21, 2010

Diaporamas was a new word for me, but French journalist Guillaume Roche puts together these really cool combinations of words and images, which seem a great way to use the properties of the internet. His latest one draws on my book Extreme Architecture, or ‘Architecture Hors Limites’ as it is called in French.

The Delta Shelter in Washington State is one of the eight projects shown.

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